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... 21 Septembre 2017 : Lors de la conférence CROWNCOM 2017, le "Best paper Award" a été obtenu par Rémi Bonnefoi; Lilian Besson, Christophe Moy, Emilie Kaufmann, Jacques Palicot pour l'article intitulé :"Multi Arm Bandit Learning in IoT Networks : Learning Helps Even in Non-Stationnary Settings" ...

SCEE : Signal, Communication et Electronique Embarquée

Open Special Issues :
CFP : Special Issue on Antennas and RF Front Ends for Cognitive Radio (Journal Hindawi International Journal of Antennas and Propagation)
Lead Editor: Ali EL Hajj ; Guest Editors: Mohammed Al Husseini, Said El-Khamy, Amor Nafkha, Mario Bkassiny

Manuscript due: November 15, 2013

CFP : Advances in Flexible Multicarrier Waveforms for Future Wireless Communications
Guest Editors:Eleftherios Kofidis,Markku Renfors, Pierre Siohan, Fred Harris, Carlos Faouzi Bader

Manuscript due: November 1, 2013

Published Special Issues :
Green Radio
Guest Editors: Jacques Palicot, Honggang Zhang, Stephen McLaughlin, H. Vincent Poor
Flexible Radio Design: Trends and Challenges in Digital Baseband Implementation
Guest Editors: GuidoMasera, Amer Baghdadi, Frank Kienle, Christophe Moy
Ten Years of Cognitive Radio: State of the Art and Perspectives
Guest Editors: Jacques Palicot, Joseph Mitola, Zander Zhongding Lei, Friedrich K. Jondral
Embedded Signal Processing Circuits and Systems for Cognitive Radiobased Wireless Communication Devices ; Version PDF
Guest Editors: Vinod A Prasad, Edmund M-K. Lai, Jacques Palicot, Pramod Kumar Meher, Shahriar Mirabbasi
Publication date: December 2010
Cognitive Radio ; Version PDF
Annales de Télécommunications
Guest Editors: Christophe MOY, Yukitoshi SANAD, Linda DOYLE
Publication Date: mid 2009
Cognitive Spectrum Access ; Version PDF
Guest Editors: Mischa Dohler, Jacques Palicot, William Webb
Publication Date: spring 2008

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