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... 21 Septembre 2017 : Lors de la conférence CROWNCOM 2017, le "Best paper Award" a été obtenu par Rémi Bonnefoi; Lilian Besson, Christophe Moy, Emilie Kaufmann, Jacques Palicot pour l'article intitulé :"Multi Arm Bandit Learning in IoT Networks : Learning Helps Even in Non-Stationnary Settings" ...

SCEE : Signal, Communication & Embedded Electronics

SCEE is a lab of the IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes - UMR CNRS 6164), AC group (Automatic and Communications)


Study and design of future communication systems based on Software Radio and Cognitive Radio concepts.
Parution of the book (J. Palicot & al):

Radio Engineering: From Software Radio to Cognitive Radio

Research topics

- Digital communications and signal processing
            - Equalization et channel estimation techniques (ERD, multicarrier)
            - Non-linear signal processing (OFDM & SWR)
            - Synchronization techniques
            - MIMO (source separation and PAPR)
            - Decision making algorithms (statistical Signal Processing, game theory through Upper Confidence Bound algorithm
            - Cognitive Radio and Green communications

- Software radio implementation on reconfigurable architectures
            - Study and design of reconfigurable architectures (HW/SW, MIMO)
            - Parameterization techniques and multi-standards systems optimization
            - Management of the reconfigurability
            - Management of the Cognitive Radio cycle
            - High level modeling for cognitive radio design
            - Implementation on heterogeneous platforms (FPGA, DSP)
            - Validation on platforms (USRP, SDR2000, ...)

- Smart sensors of our 3 layers model
            - Layer 3 : Face analysis and synthesis
            - Layer 2 : Blind standards recognition sensor, ...
            - Layer 1 : Spectrum holes detector in SISO and MIMO context, ...

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