Valrie Viet Triem Tong

Associate Professor @CentraleSupelec

Member of CIDRE joint project-team with INRIA, CNRS, University of Rennes 1 and CentraleSupelec on the field of Cybersecurity


+33 299 84 45 73



Avenue de la Boulaie.

35576. Rennes CEDEX. CS 47601 France



     Habilitation degree (HDR) to supervise research in computer science (2015)

Slideshow (in french)


     Phd in the field of formal methods for security (2003)


I am mostly interesting to use information flow monitoring to enhance security in real devices.

Research domains :


             Information flow monitoring at the operating system level

             Malware analysis

             Security policies

             Intrusion detection

             Formal methods for security


Phd Supervisions :


Start october 2016: Aurlien Trulla (Malware analysis)

Start october 2015: Mourad Leslous (Automatic malware triggering)

Start october 2014: Laurent Georget (Formal validation of information flow monitors)


Completed :

2015: Paul Lajoie Mazenc (reputation and privacy in distributed systems)

2014: Radoniaina Andriatsimendefitra (Android malware)

2013: Thomas Demongeot (web services security)

2010: Mehdi Talbi (e-voting security)

2009: Franois Lesueur (P2P security)

2008: Guillaume Hiet (Intrusion Detection)


Publications :

2 patents, 9 peer-reviewed journals, 31 publications in proceedings of international conferences, 9 publications in proceedings of French conferences


Entire list available on  HAL or scholar.

Research Tools :

      Blare an information flow monitor for Linux and Android


      GroddDroid for identification and triggering malicious behaviors (Android)


      Kharon : Online analysis of Android malware



      Kharon16: Dataset of reversed malware




      Kayrebt : visualization for the Linux Codebase             


Research Projects :


      Labex CominLabs Kharon Project Android malware Analysis

         Project Leader



Completed :


      ANR project SAVE (for Scurit et Audit du Vote Electronique) 


      ANR project POLUX (for POLicy Unied eXpression)


      ANR project LISE (for Liability Issues in Software Engineering) 


Lectures (in French only):

      Cours de premire anne Supelec (Algorithmes et Structures de donnes)

     Support du cours sur les structures arborescentes

     Exercices sur les arbres faits en cours (le code propos ici est en Python 3 comme en TL)

     Parcours en profondeur prfixe

     Parcours en profondeur infixe

     Parcours en profondeur postfixe

     Parcours en largeur

     Tri du bijoutier

     Arbre binaire de recherche (avec la correction du suivant)



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