V0.1 September 2006 - First Public Release.


V0.1: Archive


Microsoft Word on Mac or PC. JabRef on Mac or PC.


This little program permits to format bibtex bibliography in a word document. The references can be handled in JabRef, and the citations inserted via the clipboard into word using JabRef, or manually by writing "\cite{ref1, ref2, ref3}" entries in the document.


Install the .dot file in your models directory, and enable the macro execution. Add the model to your "normal" model using the menu item "Models and complements" in the tools menu. Two menu items are then added in the Tools menu (Format and Unformat bibliography).


This program must be considered as a very preliminary prototype that is offered to the community. As such, you must be warned that this software is probably buggy, and that you use it at your own risk. The author cannot be considered as responsible from any problem that you could encounter.


If you have any suggestion, bug, improvements to submit, please contact .


This software is distributed under the GNU GPL License. You are thus free to edit it, modify it or use it in your own project. I would however be happy to know of any extension you would produce.