VERF ERASE addr1 [addr2] - Verify that memory contains $FF

This command checks that the memory area specified is erased. That is 
contains $FF. If addr2 is not specified then the byte at addr1 is checked. 
If addr2 is specified then the block of memory between addr1 and addr2 
is checked. If the memory does not match, then the memory locations which 
are not erased are displayed along with the value it contains.

VERF ERASE $100	            Check address addr1 is erased
VERF ERASE $E000 $FFFF	    Check address block from $E000 to $FFFF is erased

VERF SET addr1 addr2 value - Verify that memory contains value This command checks the contents of memory from addr1 to addr2 and verifies that each byte is equal to value. If the location is not equal to value then the memory value is displayed. Value is a single byte value Usage: VERF SET $100 $1FF $35 Check that the block from $100 to $1FF contains $35.
VERF filename [loadaddr] - Verify S Record File against memory. The default extension of is .S19. The default path is the current working directory, but the user may specify any path and/or drive letter in accordance with the rules of MS-DOS?. Only S1 records are verified. All other S record types are ignored, as are blank lines. Invalid format lines may generate an error message. The S record data is normally compared with MCU memory at the addresses specified in the S1 record load address field. However, the S record data can be compared to an alternative starting address by including the required address on the command line as . Related command: LOADS

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