SHELL ["command" ;P]	- Shell to DOS/Execute DOS command

If no command parameter specified, then SHELL causes PCbug11 to shell to 
MS-DOS?. To return to PCbug11, type EXIT at the DOS prompt. If a command 
is specified, then PCbug11 will execute the command, and return to PCbug11. 
Prior to returning, the program PCBUGRTN.EXE is executed (this program must 
be stored in the same directory as PCBUG11.EXE). This program can be user 
defined if required. The supplied version simply displays a message and waits 
for any key press. If the ;P option is specified then the command is executed 
and immediately returns to PCbug11 without running PCBUGRTN.


SHELL "COPY *.TXT a:/V"  Execute COPY command and return to PCbug11

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