SAVEM [filename]    - Save Macro Definitions in Default/User File

This command saves on disc, the library of macros created by the DEFM 
command. Macros are stored on a disc file with extension .MCR. These 
files are normal text files and can be edited with standard text editors. 
However, there is a special format used in the macro files which the user 
must obey at all times if the macros are to be successfully loaded in to 
PCbug11 again (see LOADM). If the file name is omitted from the command, 
then the default name of PCBUG11 is used.

Note : Users should take care when saving a library to the same file that 
       the library was loaded from. If any comments existed in the original 
       library then they will be lost as PCbug11 strips out comments when 
       loading macros.

SAVEM USERLIB  Save macro library in file USERLIB.MCR
SAVEM	       Save macro library in default file PCBUG11.MCR (Equivalent to: SAVEM PCBUG11)


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