RM   - Modify MCU Registers in window

This command allows the MCU registers to be modified in the register 
window using the normal keyboard editing keys. Each register is fielded 
in its own section of the window. To move within and between fields, the 
following keys are used:

Up arrow	-  Move back one register field
Down arrow	-  Move forward one register field
Left arrow	-  Move cursor backwards in current field
Right arrow	-  Move cursor forward in current field
Ins		-  Insert at current cursor position
Del		-  Delete at current cursor position
Return		-  Quit register edit and update all MCU registers
Esc		-  Quit register edit without changing MCU registers

Note: All fields, except SXHINZVC can be edited in decimal, binary or hex 
      format. The SXHINZVC field is in binary format only. After quitting 
      the edit the RD command is automatically run to confirm any register 

Related commands: RD,RS

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