PROTECT [startaddr [endaddr]]	- Display/Clear/Set Write Protected Address Range(s)

This command allows the user to inhibit PCbug11 from writing to any MCU 
memory location, either internal or external. Once the command is executed 
with an address or range of addresses, then PCbug11 will not permit any 
memory modify operation from taking place on those locations. If this is 
attempted, then an error message will appear to the right of the command 
line, indicating that the command has been terminated without modifying the 
memory location. Note that this command does not inhibit the user's own MCU 
code from writing to memory addresses. 

Instructions affected: ASM,BR,LOADS,MOVE,MS,NOBR,T

PROTECT		     Displays all 'write protected' memory address ranges.
PROTECT 0	     Clears all 'write protected' memory address ranges.
PROTECT $102B	     Prevents PCbug11 from writing to BAUD register.
PROTECT $FFC0 $FFFF  Prevents PCbug11 from changing any 68HC11 vectors.

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