MM addr	     - Modify memory from addr

This command modifies memory from the address specified in the command 
line. The contents of each memory location selected are displayed and 
the user may then alter this by entering a value or select the next 
location by pressing return. Memory may also be stepped through by using 
the up and down arrow keys. The memory modify is completed by pressing 
the  key. If the memory area has been predefined as EEPROM or EPROM 
then the modify will be transparent to the user into these areas. An '=' 
on the memory line will cause the current location to be modified and 
then stay at the same address. The command is also terminated by having 
a '.' on the line. Note that only hex digits are accepted and no digits 
will be accepted on a line following a '.' .

MM $100	 Modify from address $100.

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