LS symbol	- Display Macro Names/Definitions

The currently defined symbols are listed by this command. The 
name symbol may include the * terminator which indicates a wild 
card character. This may appear only at the end of the symbol 
name The wild card indicates any combination of letters is possible 
and is used to display symbols of similar name.

LS *			Display all symbols
LS one			Display value of symbol one
LS PORT*	Display all symbols which commence with the letters PORT.

LSTM [macroname|TRACE] Display Macro Names/Definitions This command displays either all macro names in the current library, or the expanded definition of a specified macro. Where macro names are used within a macro definition, the display on the screen is indented at each nested level. Usage: LSTM Display the names of all macros in the current library LSTM CONFIG Display the definition of macro CONFIG LSTM TRACE Display the definition of the macro used after execution of the T (trace) command. Related commands: CLRM,DEFM,DELM,EDITM,LOADM,SAVEM

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