LOADS filename [loadaddr]  - Load S Record File into MCU Memory, 
                              at optional new start address.

The  parameter in the command is of the form  
If no extension is specified then .S19 is assumed by the monitor. The 
default path is the current working directory, but the user may specify 
any path and/or drive letter in accordance with the rules of MS-DOS?. 
Only S1 records are loaded. All other S record types are ignored, as 
are blank lines. Invalid format lines may generate an error message.
The S record data is normally loaded into MCU memory at the addresses 
specified in the S1 record load address field. However, the S record 
data can be relocated, during loading, to an alternative starting address 
by including the required address on the command line. During loading, 
PCbug11 traps certain mode-dependent user vectors, to give the monitor 
priority - these vectors are:

In Bootstrap mode:  SWI   - Used for breakpoint and trace processing. 
In External mode :  RESET - Used to start the monitor after a hardware reset.

SWI   - Used for breakpoint and trace processing. 
XIRQ  - Used by the external ACIA to provide highest priority host communication.

Note that all these vectors are available to the user. The only difference 
is that there is a slight speed overhead associated with their execution. 
However, if no user breakpoints are defined, then user SWI instructions will 
be executed in real time, with no monitor overhead. Refer to the source listings 
of the appropriate talker code to determine the effects of user RESET and XIRQ 
on your software.

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