LOADM [filename] [macroname]  - Load Macro Definitions from Default/User File 
                                 and optionally immediately execute macro.

This command loads a library of previously defined macros stored on disc 
with the SAVEM command or created by the user using a text editor. The 
format of the file is checked against the macro rules and is not loaded 
if the format is not valid - see below. The newly loaded library is added 
to any existing library. If  is specified, and exists in the
 newly loaded library, it is immediately executed after loading. 

The default extension for loading macro libraries is .MCR.

LOADM		Loads macro library from default file PCBUG11.MCR    
LOADM USERLIB  	Loads macro library from files USERLIB.MCR
LOADM A A	Loads macro library from file A.MCR and immediately 
                executes the macro named A.


Valid text format for macro files

DEFM macroname

macroname is the name of the macro being defined macro_instructions 
are the PCbug11 instructions which the macro contains Comments are allowed 
and are enclosed in { } brackets.

Note that comments are stripped out by PCbug11 when loaded. If a library is 
saved any comments present when the macros are loaded are lost.

Parameters are passed into macros by the @ symbol. That is @0 will be replaced 
by the first parameter when calling the macro, @1 will be the second etc.

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