1/EEPROM [startaddr [endaddr]]	- Display/Clear/Set EEPROM  Address Range(s)

This command allows the user to transparently perform memory modify 
operations on the 68HC11 internal EEPROM, including the CONFIG register. 
Once an EEPROM address range is specified, all memory write operations 
within that range will be handled by the appropriate EEPROM programming 
algorithm. The command will not accept an address range which includes 
the PPROG register.

Instructions affected: ASM,BR,LOADS,MM,MOVE,MS,NOBR,T

EEPROM		    Display memory address range to use EEPROM algorithm.
EEPROM 0	    Clear all EEPROM memory address ranges.
EEPROM $103F	    Enable a write to address $103F to use EEPROM algorithm.
EEPROM $B600 $B6FF  Enable writes within range $B600-$B6FF to use EEPROM algorithm

2/ EEPROM DELAY mS - Set EEPROM erase/write programming time This command allows the user to specify the EEPROM Erase and Write programming time, within the range Min_delay to 255mS. The value of Min_delay depends on the serial baud rate, since the EEPROM programming algorithm used by PCbug11 relies on serial data transfer time. With a 9600 baud serial rate, the minimum delay time is 12mS. Note EPROM DELAY has the same effect as this command, care should be taken when using both commands. Usage: EEPROM DELAY 20 Sets the Erase and Write time delay to 20mS EEPROM DELAY Display the delay time in use
3/ EEPROM ERASE [option] [addr] - Display/Change EEPROM Erase before Write function or bulk erase EEPROM. This command allows the user to enable or disable EEPROM byte erasure before byte programming. The default state is Erase-before-Write Enabled. Another option of this command allows bulk erasure of the EEPROM array at $B600-$B7FF, or at the address specified by . Usage: EEPROM ERASE Display EEPROM Erase-before-Write state EEPROM ERASE DISABLE Disable EEPROM Erase-before-Write EEPROM ERASE ENABLE Enable EEPROM Erase-before-Write EEPROM ERASE BULK Bulk erase EEPROM array starting at $B600 EEPROM ERASE BULK $E000 Bulk erase EEPROM array starting at $E000 Note: After executing EEPROM ERASE BULK, Erase-before-Write is automatically disabled. This allows the fastest download of S records to EEPROM using the LOADS command. The bulk erase time defaults to approximately 200mS. It is recommended that Erase-before-Write be enabled before executing commands which may modify non-erased EEPROM. e.g. ASM,BR,T

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