EDITM macrnam       - Edit a macro

This command allows the user to edit macros once they are defined/loaded 
into PCbug11. It is a full screen editor type and uses various function 
keys to edit the macros.

On executing the command PCbug11 displays the first 10 lines of the macro 
or less if there are fewer lines in a new window. Each line is preceded 
by a digit 0 to 9.

The editor obeys the following commands:

  Insert key pressed into the current macro text. Character  
                will replace current one if insert is off. If insert
                is on the character will be inserted before current character.
	        The delete key will delete the character current under the cursor.
	        Toggle insert function on/off. Default is on.
	        Insert a new line in the macro.
	        The page down key displays the 10 lines following the current 
                cursor line.
	        The page up key displays the 10 lines before the current cursor line.
	        The escape key aborts the edit. The macro is not saved.
	Complete edit and save alterations in macro library. 
	        Note : ALT-Q and ALT-E will also perform this function.

Users move from line to line by pressing the arrow keys to move in the 
direction indicated. Lines which do not contain any characters after the 
edit are removed automatically. There is no direct command to delete a 
line. If the first characters in the line are spaces then they are removed
If the macro does not exist it is created as a null macro. If a null macro 
is edited, only the first line is displayed (as a blank line).

EDITM macro1   Edit the macro macro1.


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