DASM addr1 [addr2]	- Disassemble from addr1 [to addr2]

Disassembles MCU memory from address  for approximately 15 bytes, 
or to address  if specified. 

Disassembled code is displayed in main window. Display halts when the 
screen is filled. Press any key, except Esc, to continue disassembly 
for up to 15 bytes, or until address  is exceeded. Pressing Esc 
key immediately terminates disassembly. If only addr1 is specified, and 
it is the same as the current program counter, then disassembly stops 
after only one line is displayed.

This provides a convenient method of tracing program code when using a 
Trace macro, which should contain the command: DASM *. 

Note that DASM will display a symbol in place of its value if one exists.

DASM $B3	Disassembles MCU addresses $B3 to $C2
DASM $BF00 $BFFF	Disassembles MCU addresses $BF00 to $BFFF

Related commands: ASM,LS

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