CONTROL [parameter]	- Display/Change PCbug11 system parameters

If no parameters are specified, then this command displays certain 
parameters used by PCbug11, which can be modified by the user. The 
available parameters and their functions are as follows:

CONTROL HARDWARE	Access serial COM port directly through	hardware
CONTROL BIOS		Access serial COM port through BIOS calls
CONTROL RTS		Control RTS level directly.
CONTROL PROTECT		Use RTS to provide memory write protect function
CONTROL TIMEOUT value	Specify value of serial COM timeout during input
CONTROL COM1|COM2	Specify which COM port to use
CONTROL ERRMSG 0|1	Disable or enable display of memory error messages
CONTROL LAST		Toggle last error message window on/off (default on)

On startup, PCbug11 determines whether hardware access is possible, and if so, 
it uses this mode, and enables direct control of the RTS, otherwise it uses 
BIOS calls to the COM port, and enables memory write protect control. COM1 
is used by default, but can be changed by specifying port=2 on the command 
line when starting PCbug11. e.g. 

PCBUG11 -A port=2

(See DEFM,SAVEM,LOADM for details of macro libraries)

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