BR [addr [macroname]] 	- Display/Set break points [with optional 
                           Command Macro execution]

This command installs an entry in a breakpoint table, to permit suspension 
of user code execution initiated by the G command.

Breakpoints are set in MCU memory only when the user starts execution of 
code with the G command. Before control is passed to user code, a SWI 
instruction is placed at every breakpoint address specified in the breakpoint 
table. PCbug11 can handle user placed SWIs, with some overhead, provided the 
user's SWI vector is downloaded from an S record file using the LOADS command, 
and there are no breakpoints at the user SWI instructions. 

Note that when PCbug11 is first started, it reads the MCU's SWI vector and 
treats it as the user's.

It is possible to have a macro run on reaching a particular breakpoint. If the 
macro is not defined then PCbug11 will behave as if no macro had been specified. 
If when listing breakpoints the macro selected is not defined then the name of 
the macro is displayed preceded by ?. If no macro has been defined for the 
breakpoint then the macro is displayed as (-).

BR	          Display the hexadecimal address of all user definedbreakpoints. 
                  Any command macro tagged to the breakpoint is displayed in  
                  brackets () after the breakpoint address.
BR $C0F1 $C045	  Set breakpoints at MCU addresses $C0F1 and $C045.
BR $C023 DISPREG  Set breakpoint at MCU address $C023 and execute macro DISPREG 
                  when the breakpoint is reached.

Related commands: BL,NOBR

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