BF addr1 [addr2] byte|word   - Set MCU Memory Byte(s) or Word(s)

This command forces an 8 bit or 16 bit value into MCU memory, starting
at address  and finishing at address . If  is not 
specified then only  itself is modified. If the starting address 
is in an EEPROM block (as specified by the EEPROM command), then an EEPROM 
algorithm will be used to store the value. This action is completely 
transparent to the user. Block fill automatically verifies the contents 
of memory filled.

Note: When setting memory to $00, ensure that the $00 is not specified 
      in the most significant byte of a 16 bit value, as this will be 
      interpreted as an 8 bit value and may result in incorrect addressing 
      of MCU memory.

BF $1000 $AA		Set MCU memory address $1000 to a value of $AA
BF $C000 $CFFF $D3  	Set MCU memory addresses $C000 to $CFFF to the value $D3.
BF $00 $FF $FF00	Set MCU memory addresses $00 to $FF to values $FF,$00,$FF,$00 alternately.

Related commands: DB,MD,MS

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